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Robert Frost

“When I see birches bend to left and right...I like to think some boy's been swinging them.”

Our Team: Quote


  • Proud mom to 2 boys, 9 and 6 years old

  • Super Steward and Trail Maintainer, NYC Parks

  • Tree Captain, NYC Parks

  • Outdoor Teacher Retreat Participant, Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools

  • Health & Safety Training, NYS Office of Children and Family Services

  • Outdoor adventure seeker and traveler

  • Health and fitness enthusiast

  • Project Management Professional

  • MBA


Founding Director

As a girl growing up in suburban Taiwan, I loved to explore outdoors, often playing in the nearby trails and creeks.  I wandered those woods even in my dreams.  Later, some of those fields became construction sites where my sister and I would play for hours in the mud.  Looking back, this all seems like another world. 


Within the space of a few decades, the way children understand and experience nature has changed radically.  For the new generation, nature is more abstraction than reality, something to watch, to consume, to wear—to ignore or fear.  So often, I've observed kids looking at screens, oblivious to the landscape around them.  I've also heard the parks nearby viewed as dirty, dangerous and something to avoid.


Now that I have children of my own, I am even more aware of the increasing divide between the young and the natural world, and the environmental, social, psychological and spiritual implications of that change.  The accumulating research confirms the necessity of contact with nature for healthy child and adult development.  Our community, so close to Forest Park, yet lacks a nature education option for our little ones.  It is my hope that with our forest school, we’d be able to get our children in direct contact with nature and back on the trails. 

Our mothers were right when they told us, day after day, ‘go out and play.’

Our Team: TeamMember


Lead Teacher 


  • Proud mom to a 12-year old daughter

  • Avid makeup artist and gardener

  • Enjoy camping and travel with family

  • Currently enrolled in University of Maine baccalaureate program in liberal arts

I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago which is well known for its rich ethnic diversity, racial harmony and excellence across a wide variety of artforms. It’s the birthplace of steelpan, the limbo, a variety of music styles and the home to the oldest rainforest reserve in the Western Hemisphere with over 400 species of birds. 


My grandparents were in the farming industry and I remembered how exciting it was going out in the fields climbing trees, running around in the rain, playing tag with my cousins and the neighbors kids, picking fresh fruits and eating them on the spot. We also had a pond with fishes which we would occasionally splash around in. My love for nature started then! Our neighbors houses were our second homes, feeling the love, affection and safety as if we were their own. I always helped watch the little ones when my neighbors had to run errands. I was everyone's big sister in my neighborhood and I believe this played a huge part in how nurturing, affectionate and caring I am.


When I moved to New York, yes it was hard at first, I had to get use to winter and not being outdoors as much. To help me adjust to this new lifestyle my siblings would always plan camping trips throughout the year which we still do till this day. I quickly became the favorite Aunt as I took care of all my nieces and nephews as my siblings worked. Eventually, I started working as a babysitter for many years until I became a mom of my beautiful kind-hearted daughter who loves nature as much as I do. Almost everyday in the summer we would go on picnics and we would visit the beach and sink our toes into the sand  even in the winter. Just take deep breaths and become one with nature, it works wonders for your mental and physical wellbeing.


I am grateful for the opportunity to relive my childhood through learning and exploring with the wonderful kids at Kew Kids while making new memories along the way. 

forest therapy picture (1).jpeg


  • Proud dad to a grown son

  • Orton-Gillingham Associate in training.

  • Certified Forest Therapy Guide and experienced Outdoor Nature Teacher

  • Forest Therapy (Forest Bathing) Guide for adults in the New York Botanical Garden

  • Waldorf Elementary School teacher (Sunbridge Institute)

  • Masters in Library Science at St. John's University

  • Masters in Educational Theater at NYU


Lead Teacher (Central Park)

Born in Long Island I spend much of my time outdoors, mostly playing games with other kids in the neighborhood.  My family also spent many summers camping.  I have continued the tradition, getting my son involved with Scouting. My favorite place to be outdoors is in my vacation home in Vermont.

Last year I retired as a NYC High School Librarian with over 25 years of experience.  I am a certified Forest Therapy Guide and experienced Outdoor Nature Teacher trained as a Waldorf  Elementary School teacher.  I was drawn to Waldorf education because it combined a lot of interests I had: drama, art, the outdoors and had elements of yoga/eastern philosophy.  One of my favorite classes is Biodynamic farming.  I returned to the school after graduating to take a year long Biodynamic farming class. I used some of the methods in a small garden (raised bed)I have in Queens. 


I think the most valuable thing for Waldorf is the idea that the teacher should help lead the student toward their mission in life.  Also, that each child has a unique temperament.  I feel that the most valuable thing I can do as a teacher is to offer opportunities for imaginative play.  I learned that play, music, art and mindfulness are the best ways to teach meditation to children in the busy hectic world we live in.

As an outdoor educator, I have worked in spectacular settings like Central Park as well as Battery Park near the ferry to the Statue of Liberty with ages ranging from 4 years to 10 years old.  The most memorable moment for me was at a camp when volunteers who were working with the bee hive offered us a taste of honey.  It was delicious! 

I like to do yoga and also like to write, mostly poetry.  Some of my poems have been published.  I also won an award for a poem that I wrote.  Here is a link to a poem that is currently published in The Field Guide magazine.

feel drawn to Kew Kids and the Waldorf education philosophy it espouses and look forward to amazing discoveries outdoors.



  • Travel enthusiast, rock climbing, reading, trail running, backpacking, cooking, writing, gardening, yoga, cooperative living

  • Backpacking Course Leader and Winter Instructor with NOLS

  • Fulbright Malaysia Grant Recipient teaching ESL

  • Youth Crew Leader with Montana Conservation Corps, Americorps

  • Taught backpacking courses to high school students

  • Student teacher for middle school English

  • Licensed CA and MA 5-12 grade English and History (clear), Wilderness First Responder, CPR

  • Fluent in conversational French, conversational Bahasa Melayu, beginner Spanish


Lead Teacher (Central Park)

Born and raised in New York City, I never realized the importance of my childhood connections with nature until college, when I joined my university’s outdoor program. I did not consider myself to be an “outdoors person” like many of the members–my experiences outside included roaming around Central Park, going to a nearby lake in the summer, playing soccer, and exploring Coney Island. However, something clicked for me in participating in, then leading trips for this college program. I felt a deep sense of calm and connection to the places I explored and the people I was with. The lessons I learned about observation, self-care, communication, and interconnectedness stuck with me, often more than those I learned in lecture halls and seminar rooms. I wanted to spend more time outside.


Simultaneously, I was also developing a deep interest in education. The other hallmark of my college experience was working with young students through an arts-based afterschool program. It was one of the most difficult things I had done, but the joy of seeing their joy and pride in their learning, the challenge of working with them as they overcame frustration, anger, or disappointment–these experiences felt real, much more real than any work I could do in front of a screen. I wanted to spend more time not just outside, but exploring how education could take place in the outdoors. 



Ten years later, I am still learning about the potential for outdoor spaces to be deeply transformative places of learning. Having worked as a wilderness instructor and youth conservation crew leader in Yosemite, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Washington, as well as a classroom teacher in Boston, San Diego, and Malaysia, it feels fitting to bring my passions for working with young people and learning outdoors to my home city. It is exciting to look beyond the city’s built exterior to see its potential for outdoor education, and to share this potential with its youngest residents.



  • Proud mother to two elementary school-age children

  • Artist by heart and by training

  • Especially interested in photography, painting, sculpture, and drawing

  • Also love hiking and anything involving natural bodies of water

  • Forever young – young people are my favorite conversation partners

  • Certified by New York State as a Teaching Assistant and also trained in CPR + First Aid


Lead Teacher

I moved to New York City in 2007 to work as a graphic designer at a variety of CNN shows, having worked previously in their Atlanta office (where I was born and raised). I then worked as a graphic designer for the Hearst Corporation, designing pieces for their portfolio of magazines. I am trained as an artist – having obtained a bachelor’s in graphic design from the University of Georgia – and, as a child and to this day, I see the intertwined qualities, and the importance, of nature and art. Especially in this age of increasing reliance and devotion to technology, I feel it’s vitally important for us to get back to nature, especially for children, who gain so much from the firm foundations we facilitate.


I am driven by my passions for being a mom, teacher, and artist. I love being part of a community that values nature and play as pedagogical tools -- as a mom, teacher, and artist, I aim to foster social and emotional awareness in the growing minds of youth, using nature to inspire and educate. I believe that art is also a wonderful facilitator for gaining awareness of one's self and the world around.


After spending the entire day with my two young children in the thrilling and engaging playgrounds and parks of NYC (where I witnessed children learning, on their own, critical skills related to diplomacy and community-building through play), I decided to switch careers and follow another passion – early childhood education. My first job in this field was at a preschool in Forest Hills, where my children were born and are being raised, followed by a pre-K through grade 12 independent school, where I was an associate teacher in the preschool/pre-k classroom. I have also worked as a caregiver to twins and an arts and crafts instructor at a camp.


I enjoy the opportunity each day to learn, explore, and grow at the Kew Kids Forest School!



Lead Teacher

I grew up in the small yet beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, known for its lush greenery, an array of flora and fauna, a wealth of history, and not forgetting its beautiful tropical climate which undoubtedly allowed me to enjoy being outdoors at any point in time. Growing up in this beautiful island taught me to love and learn so much about nature which allowed me to acquire a mass of knowledge and appreciation for what it is like to have beautiful climate and sunshine all year round.

I grew up with my siblings playing in muddy puddles, trotting around barefooted. Some of my favorite outdoor activities were playing cricket, fishing, camping and planting our own vegetables and herbs. As a mother now, these are the same memories I am making with my children.

When I moved to New York my first job was in childcare. It kindled my loved for teaching young minds, helping them to learn and grow. With over 15 years experience in childcare, I intend to grow and learn as I go along as every experience is a stepping stone towards a bright future.

I embrace this new adventure with open arms, looking forward to spending time in nature and enjoying being outdoors whilst shaping the young minds that will be our future!


  • Proud mom of a teenage daughter and 2 boys 11 and 9 years old

  • Love cooking and baking

  • Enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking and exploring

  • Over 15 years experience as a childcare provider

  • Skincare/makeup enthusiast & Instagram influencer/content creator

Grass Close Up


  • PhD in Child Study and Human Development, 2023

  • Lecturer at Queens College in Human Development and Family Sciences

  • 3X Marathon Runner (NYC Marathon - 2019)

  • Licensed NYS Foster Parent

  • Gardening & harvesting veggies (especially for my rabbits, Freyja and Oakley!)

  • Unapologetic lover of Grey’s Anatomy & overly-priced coffee


Lead Teacher (Overlook Camp)

I moved to Queens from Boston, MA, in August 2023. During my first weekend here, I explored Forest Park and fell in love with it! Two of my passions are being outdoors and teaching. When I discovered Kew Kids Forest School, I knew it would be a great match!


I teach full-time at Queens College in the Human Development and Family Sciences program during the school year. My current research focuses on parent/family engagement in early childhood education and play-based learning in higher education. I have vast knowledge about child development and early childhood education, and I’m excited to put all that information to the test. 


I’m thrilled to be returning to the early childhood education space after three years away! The last time I worked with young children in a formal setting was as a farm educator at a camp for children ages three to five. It was one of my favorite summers ever! We had so much fun taking farm walks, trying new foods, observing plant changes, playing with worms, and cooking from the garden. I also have experience working in center-based early childhood programs and running Jewish education programs for young children and families. 


I am especially excited to make children’s outdoor learning experiences possible and fun. I am deeply curious and look forward to sharing my curiosities with the children as we explore places high and low, grassy and muddy! 

Raised in Queens and growing up with my siblings I can remember great memories of the outdoors. My mom would take us to all the local parks and we would chase fireflies, dig holes, collect rocks, and sticks. We would have a blast enjoying nature. Coming from a big family I always looked forward to having a family of my own to imply the same fun experiences. Becoming a mom of three beautiful kids close in age range had become my life. My passion and love grew for all children. During the first school year of my oldest son I volunteered as a Parent Association President. I was later nominated by the principal to become a Para Professional with certification. I worked for the DOE with children of all ages.


I love children so much that on the weekends I was an entertainer for children's birthday parties. Those were the best times celebrating with children outdoors singing, dancing, and creating so many fantastic games. 


When I have free time, I enjoy picnics, play sports and down time with family and friends. At Kew Kids Forest School the kids are in the natural world where they can be themselves and explore and learn about the world.  This is the stuff the childhood is made of. 


  • Student at LaGuardia Community College 

  • Professional dancer and performer

  • Self taught flute player

  • Self taught Mandarin Chinese

Tree Stump

Lead Teacher (Wallenberg Camp)



  • Loving mom of three

  • Associate degree in Business Administration 

  • Child Abuse Pervent workshop

  • School violence prevention workshop 

  • DASA workshop 

  • Frontline education preparation training 

  • Early childhood and education training program

  • Emotional and social development training 

  • Physical and cognitive development training 

  • Worked with special needs, ADND and autism students

  • CPR certified 

Through meditation, guidance at a young age, and high levels of discipline, I've obtained a very high level of patience and happiness that will aid me in my role towards the future development of the children here at Kew Kids Forest School.


From a young age, I started helping my mom around her dance studio, which included helping to teach children how to dance, going on recitals and performing outside of the dance studio, etc. I have been dancing, singing, acting, or any form of expression through the arts for around a decade. I am currently going to college for Theater (although I am thinking about switching to music) and I graduated from high school with advanced diploma for the arts. I hope that in my time here, I can help them to express themselves through more means than words alone.


  • Student at LaGuardia Community College 

  • Professional dancer and performer

  • Self taught flute player

  • Self taught Mandarin Chinese





  • Student at LaGuardia Community College

  • Professional dancer and performer

  • Self taught flute player

  • Self taught Mandarin Chinese

Wild Path


  • Student at Queensborough Community College 

  • Photography/Videography& Cinematography 

  • Baking and cooking 

  • Gardening 

  • Athlete 

  • Loves crafts especially sewing, crochet, weaving 

  • Reading  



Growing up in a big family with six siblings, I didn’t really play on electronics like most kids do now. Instead  we would be encouraged to go out and play every day and have fun. We would come up with our own games, play with the neighborhood kids, go to the park to ride our bikes and scooters around. Weather was no concern of ours. 


When it came time for my first job, I made the decision of not wanting to be in an indoor stuffy place. I made decision to join the Queens Farm as an educator, where in the camp the kids and counselors learned new things about the farm everyday regarding the animals, plants, and old farm houses as well as playing sports and doing arts and crafts. I found it very refreshing and healthy for all of us. Not being glued to a screen on a digital device, the children were able to interact with other children and run and play.  Exactly how childhood should be. I treasure this special time for outdoor learning and hope to pass these skills along to the children at Kew Kids Forest School. 

I was born and grew up in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. After completing my education in the city I embarked on a journey to the village with the purpose of educating the marginalized children residing there, determined to make a meaningful difference. I devoted three years to nurturing young minds in the heart of our village. In the village I enjoyed the fresh air, the sense of community, and the opportunity to connect more closely with nature.  


As a dedicated member of local NGO named PPHEDO (Poor People Health and Educational Development Program) in Bangladesh from 2000 to 2002, I served as a Field Supervisor focused on raising awareness about nutrition for lactating mothers and children within daycare settings. Through targeted awareness campaigns and educational initiatives, we successfully increased knowledge and adoption of nutritious diets among lactating mothers and children in our community. Additionally, our efforts led to a measurable decrease in malnutrition rates among this vulnerable population.  


My journey in childcare has been deeply rewarding, and I am passionate about creating a positive impact on the lives of children. I strongly believe in the power of building strong foundations through play-based learning. By providing hands-on experiences, encouraging curiosity, and fostering a sense of wonder, I ignite a love for learning in every child. Above all, I cherish the unique interests and personalities of each child in my care. My goal is to create a warm, nurturing environment where every child feels valued, supported, and free to explore the world around them.  





  • Proud mother of a 19 year old daughter

  • Peaceful nature observer

  • Enjoy organizing family cooking events


As a young girl I used to play in the crystal clear lakes and climb the vibrant green trees. It molded me to who I am today. I enjoy spending time with children and being outside in nature. I feel nature is therapy for those who seek it .


Spending my whole life in Bangladesh, I have come to appreciate the beauty of nature. There are ten months in the summer and two months of winter. I especially cherish my time in the gardens planting mangoes, lychees, coconuts and many nuts! Gardening is hard work but I find great happiness in harvesting my crops. 


Kew Kids has brought me back to my young days and it makes me feel truly happy to be part of this wonderful program .




  • Proud mom to 18 year old daughter and 13 year old son

  • Cooking 

  • Gardening

  • Reading 

  • Love to take long walks in nature 




I was born in Bangladesh, a country full of natural beauty and lush surroundings. As the only child, I had a lot of time and personal space and received my parents' undivided attention and love though with strict house rules. My parents introduced me to nature and the grandeur of mountains and rivers. I learned to be cheerful and appreciative of all living things. 


In my free time, I like to read stories and listen to music. I enjoy cooking creatively with food. Most of all, I like to spend time with children. I have tutored children in small groups ages 2 to 4.


Kew Kids takes me back to my childhood and I feel very lucky to be part of early learning through direct experiences in nature and creating lifelong relationship with Mother Nature.  


  • Graduated Metropolitan University in Bangladesh

  • Completed Food Protection Food Handler Certificate

  • Love to cook

  •  Enjoy taking fun and  enjoyable trip


  • Trained geologist

  • Super Steward and Trail Maintainer, NYC Parks

  • Avid gardener

My brand is "Joanna the Green Maven." To be a Maven you must really be passionate about something whether it's food, fashion, or in my case, nature and the environment.  I have been writing nature articles, tips and blogs for over 30 years, volunteering and leading nature projects, and working in the community gardens. That is my happy place.


As a Woodlands Crew Leader at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, my job was to direct teams of volunteers and school groups in projects designed to help restore the park to its native, eastern woodlands state.  Projects such as clean-up, planting and mulching were my specialty.  As a Head Explainer at the New York Hall of Science, I worked with young children to explain and demonstrate exhibits and lead workshops that taught science concepts like mirrors, prisms, kaleidoscopes and light, shadows, and sound as themes.  I remember fondly a video microscope demonstration which projected the view from the scope onto a screen. The subject of our observations was microscopic pond life.

Growing up in the era before technology took over gives me a unique insight on how to connect children with the world around them.  There was no science camp or scheduled play dates for us and no internet.  We were told to go out and play, and that was all year round.  We played with piles of leaves, we made snowmen, we caught fireflies and we drew games like hopscotch in chalk on the sidewalk.  I would love to see today’s kids do those things again.


Gardener and Teacher





I was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh and grew up in a suburban area.  It was a very beautiful place to grow up.  I was lucky to be able to travel often.  Amazing natural wonders in the islands and mountains planted a seed in me.  My brother and I made friends playing and learning indoors and outside. I remember My fondest memories were playing with dolls and pretend cooking.  In the great outdoors, we have more freedom physically and vocally to express ourselves. As a mother of three, I enjoy spending time with them playing soccer, hide and seek, and watch movies.


I feel so lucky to find a home at Kew Kids where I share the values of an imaginative childhood free of screens and modern day distractions. Kew Kids is inspiring me and helping me rebuild my personal connection with nature. I want to teach kids to enjoy their time with nature now.


  • Proud mom of three, 2 boys 15 and 10 years old and 1 girl 7 years old

  • Honors in economics degree from Jagannath University, Bangladesh

  • Diploma in interior design

  • Love reading

  • Cooking

  • Drawing

  • Gardening

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